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News And Highlights

* Setup on 20 August 2013.

SEDS-APSN a unique Chapter of SEDS - INDIA as being the first chapter of SEDS-INDIA in the whole of Northeast. SEDS - APSN was setup on 20 August 2013 on initiative by SEDS-India and contribution of Angaraj Duara and support of the principal of Army Public School , Narangi to promote the interest of students in Space Science with full contribution by Miss Monmi Goswami.

* Model Making Competion on Topic - "Hubble Space Telescope Prototype".

In response to notice on 02 October 2013 by SEDS-RSET (a chapter under SEDS-India) of Royal School of Engineering and Technology,Betkuchi (Guwahati), SEDS-APSN chapter took part in Model Making Competion on the Topic- "Hubble Space Telescope Prototype" held on 01 November 2013 and secured 2nd Position in the competion. Being the first event of SEDS in the North-East it was a great sucess. Moreover it was a great experience for members and participants of SEDS-APSN Chapter.